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Masseria Battifarano - Cantine Cerrolongo

The main products are fruit, wines, olives, cereals and also the silviculture is important. The farm has a strong propensity to the cultivation of peach and grape-vine. These products have market outlets at local, national and international level.

The farm follows an integrated agriculture and a good agricultural practice in full obedience of the agricultural ecosystem which – together with the technical competences, degree in agrarian sciences with specialization in oenology and with the exceptional pedoclimatic conditions of the Ionic- coast, one of the most beautiful place in Europe- produces products with marked organoleptic features, fruit of the strong shining sun and of the mildness of our winter.

All right, the oenologic technologies are innovative but they don’t distort the good fruits of this extraordinary land in the respect of the territory features.


The Battifarano’s farm includes an agricultural area of about 100 ha, with an available agricultural area of 75 ha while the remaining part is composed by 25 ha represented by buildings, courts, pastures, uncultivated areas and Mediteranean scrub.

The property expands in three units:

  • Cerrolongo has an extention of 70 ha, situated on a tableland at an altitude of 60 metres above sea level with clayey (50%), slimy (20%) and sandy (30%) lands and with a consistent framework (4-5%), well drained and not very steep.

  • Torre Bollita has an extention of 12 ha, laying near the center of Nova Siri Marina, 500 m. far from the sea. The land is mainly clayey (55%) and sandy (45%) and with a non homogeneous framework (~5%); from the altimetric point of view it expands at sea level and in some zones below sea level. In this corpus it is necessary to remember the defensive Aragonese constraction called Torre Bollita (integral part of the farm), built during the 16th century.

  • Santa Lania expands for 18 ha and it is situated at about 170 m. above sea level, close to the Calabrian border. The land is mainly clayey (50%), slimy (30%) and sandy (20%), with a framework (10%) and a notable steepness (7-8%). This area has been undergone an intervention of productive forest conservation.



Cantine Cerrolongo

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Cantine Cerrolongo

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Cantine Cerrolongo

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