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Masseria Battifarano - Cantine Cerrolongo

There are many and very detailed information about the Battifarano family. These information are kept from the private archive of the family which can be visited for further information.*

The ancient family Battifarano (or Battarano as written in many archieves and bibliographies)finds its origins in Calabria and Basilicata. The toponym Battifarano would identify also a feud situated between Castronuovo and Chiaramonte. Once it was property of the marquis Villani. There are numerous branches of the original stock, that is probably descendent from Nocara (a little village in the province of Cosenza) in villages as Rotondella (MT), Rocca Imperiale (CS) and Nova Siri (MT) called Bollita until 1872 as affirmed since the beginning of 1500. Here, much more than in other places, the Battifaranofamily have been able to excel at different professional activities such as function of a notary, legal professions, pharmacology, medicine; but also holding public offices such as mayor-podestà, administretors of public bodies, superintendent of the prefecture....But at the same time also the agricultural activity has been very important for the family. Indeed the properties have been always affected by intensive activities of cereal-growing, forage-growing, zootechnics, olive-growing and wine-growing. In particular, it was with Vincenzo Battifarano (*1876 †1974) that the agriculture became the most important activity for the family. He completely dedicated himself to the management of the property and particularly to the management of the farm “Cerrolongo” about the production and sale of fruit (above all pears, grapes and almonds), milk and dairy products, oats and wheat. So it is important to remember that he led his farm to win second prize at National Contest of Wealth in 1935. His expertises in that matter were considerable and they were strogly recognized to him: in ‘21 he was appointed technical member of the receving group of cereals situated in Nova Siri by the Royal prefecture of Potenza; in ‘24 Vincenzo Battifarano was member of the provisional deputation of the newly-costitued Consorzio di Bonifica di Metaponto ( Consortiumof reclaim of Metaponto); in ‘27 he was at the same time municipal head of division of farmers union and member of the municipal commission for the resolution of the controversies between owners and leas-holders of lands; in ’29 the prefect of Matera appointed him prefectorial commisioner in Nova Siri; from 1935 to 1940 he was the President of the municipal bank of the agricultural credit in the same village in which he will be Delegate of a podestà.

After him his son Francesco Paolo (*1912 †1995) continued the activity of his father, dedicating himself to the cultivation of the properties and to the management of the farm “Cerrolongo”. At the same time he held public offices.

Nowadays, Vincenzo Battifarano with his wife Carmela Mingione and his three children, above all Francesco Paolo, Chiara and Ciro dedicate themselves to the management of their farm. They have care of the splendid peach orchards and vineyards of “Cerrolongo” and they want to mantain the big tradition which have received.

* Archive Superintendency of Basilicata. Inventory of the private archive of the Battifarano family by Annunziata Bozza with the collaboration of Sergio Palagiano.


Cantine Cerrolongo

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Cantine Cerrolongo

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Cantine Cerrolongo

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