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Masseria Battifarano - Cantine Cerrolongo

The historic property called Masseria Battifarano belongs to the family from which it takes the name for more than five centuries. It lies the Ionic coast of Basilicata, in a part of Italy famous for its land and for the extraordinary features of its wines since ancient times. In 2006 the farm has been reorganized in order to directly present its products. It is managed by means of a direct economy by its owners, the agronomists Vincenzo and Francesco Paolo Battifarano, with the collaboration of the other members of the family.

The Farm

The main products are fruit, wines, olives, cereals and also the silviculture is important. The farm has a strong propensity to the cultivation of peach and grape-vine. These products have market outlets at local, national and international level.

The Battifarano’s farm includes an agricultural area of about 100 ha, with an available agricultural area of 75 ha while the remaining part is composed by 25 ha represented by buildings, courts, pastures, uncultivated areas and Mediteranean scrub.



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